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Wood Floor Refinishing Novi is a well established flooring company that utilizes only the top wood flooring contractors in Michigan. Our owner has over 25 years of experience in the hardwood flooring industry and knows his trade very well. We pride ourselves on being a straight and honest with our customers, we do what we say we will do and you can be sure of that. We are not the cheapest company around but you probably would not want it that way anyway. You get what you pay for in any trade that you hire out. We never buy cheap flooring materials or polyurethane. We can use water based or oil based for refinishing and the price will reflect your choice. We specialize in hardwood floor refinishing especially old floors that have seen better days. We have 3 floor installer crews and 2 sand and finish crews. We have all updated sanders and equipment and we keep dust to a very minimum. We operate dustless sanders but we try not to advertise that because we feel it is disingenuous because even the best dustless sanders still create a small amount of dust. We are reputable and hard working and you will not be disappointed should you choose us for your project. If you are looking for some fly-by-night flooring company that does cheap work for cheap money then I suggest you search elsewhere.